Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday Road Trip

On Saturday, 7/18, my parents, Buddy, Tyler, Jilli and I went for a little road trip. Our first stop was the Homosassa Butterfly Attraction. What a neat experience that was. After a brief movie explaining the life cycle of a butterfly, they walk you around and show you live caterpillars, eggs, crysalis's and butterflies. Then, you get to go out in to the live habitat, where they give you a butterfly to let free. It's amazing how you can pick up the butterflies ever so gently by the wings and then just hold them in your hand (or shirt or head as you'll see in the pics) It is such a beautiful experience. I highly recommend it to everyone.

(caterpillar on my Dad's finger)

After the Butterfly Attraction we headed over to Rainbow Springs. The waterfalls were so beautiful to look at and relaxing to listen to. After we walked around a bit to see the sights, including an outdoor butterfly garden, my Dad, Buddy, Tyler and Jilli all went swimming in the springs for a bit.

Hot Summer Nights at Busch Gardens

Hula Hoop fun...even the DJ was impressed...

uh... ??? (those darn camera angles)

Get your groove on, Mom
you too, Buddy & Jilli
(Yes, in hindsight I am so grateful to be the one TAKING the pics this night!) ;-)

Jilli with the bird keeper

Tyler wasn't with us this day as he was in St Augustine Beach with a friend of his for the week, where he learned how to surf and went to the Daytona 250 on 7/3.

Planet Jump

Jilli enjoying a few hours of fun at Planet Jump with cousins Nathan (not pictured due to he was hanging with the big kids), Alex & Jalyssa who were down visiting from North Carolina

It's hard to get a real good pic in this place as the kids are bouncing around all the time!! :)