Friday, January 15, 2010


Just found our insurance company approved Jilli's insulin pump, so we will be working on getting her set up with a tube-free pump, "pod," in the next month. Talk about being excited (because it should help keep her blood sugar levels more stable) and nervous (because we're unfamiliar with it) all at once.
Jilli wore a "fake pod" for 3 days (which is how long she will wear each insulin filled pod before switching to a new one) a couple of months ago so we could see if she would handle wearing it and not try to pull it off. She did excellent with it until it was time to take it off. I just yanked it off, which was very unpleasant for her. However, not to worry, they give us wipes to use that help remove the adhesive so it comes off VERY smoothly and pain free for her.
NO MORE INJECTIONS!!!! Each pod automatically inserts a cannula into the skin via a needle, which will stay inserted, to deliver insulin on a scheduled system and before each meal as needed.
It's going to be a learning curve for us all - but our main goal is to get her blood sugars regulated and take away some of her discomfort with all the injections she currently takes.
We'll keep you posted and until then...Keep those prayers coming!!

with love,

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Terri said...

Praise God!!!!! I cannot wait for our Jilli to start using her pod!!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!!!